Lately, I’ve been asking myself, “What’s my purpose on Earth? Why do I even exist?”.

For many, it is a constant question that has a longing for answer. It takes a matter of time and contemplation before we finally figure things out. It could take a while or it could take a lifetime.

“Start with Why”, a best selling book by Simon Sinek is something that has impacted my life in answering this question. Though I must admit, I’m not quite a reader. I haven’t even read this book. 32 years of existence as of writing this, and I have only read about less than 10 books. I wonder how I survived school without finishing all the required readings.

You might ask, “How could you say that about the book if you haven’t even read it?” and that’s a completely valid question. When I was still pursuing a career in corporate training, I am blessed enough to be mentored by Carelle Mangaliag of TrainStation, Inc. Her wisdom and passion for her craft is really commendable. As the President and CEO of the company, She guided us, the trainers, into finding our ‘WHYs’ with reference to the said book by Mr. Sinek. We kept on digging. With her help, It took some time before I finally found mine, “I impart what I have to feed joy.”

From that day on, it felt like I am almost always being moved by this phrase, “I impart what I have to feed joy.” I intentionally put ‘almost always’ because I know I can’t be at my 100% all the time and there were times when I just choose to set things aside. But overall, it is an eye-opener for my soul. It’s like the governing guidance that leads me to making life decisions – at least in choosing a path career wise.

Time, Talent and Treasure: Something of high value for many of us. I don’t have that much Treasure (yet) but certainly I have a lot of Time and some Talents that I know I can use to pursue my purpose. I used to only pursue my dreams but I felt empty – it didn’t feed my soul. In times that I find myself pursuing my purpose, that’s when I know that my soul is fed.

Just so you’d know a little bit more about myself, I have an uncle who is a priest. I kind of grew up living in a convent with my uncle and some priests. For the past few weeks, I have been helping out my uncle in developing an Online Recollection Project. If you would visit the site, it’s still under construction and in need of more development. Pardon the simplicity and we promise to have it improve as time goes by. All the contents are care of him while all the video and development projects are being taken care by myself. This. This is one way of me imparting what I have (time, talent and treasure) to feed joy. God’ message is joy itself. I know that His message of joy will be planted in good hearts.


2020. Probably a year to remember – at least when I am old enough to tell stories to my future grandkids.

If you would ask someone these days, “what has changed in / about you this year?” prepare yourself to listen to different kinds of stories. For me, this is the year when I started doing remote work.

Remote Work is not something new to me. I have been witnessing people so called “digital nomads” traveling anywhere while making a sustainable amount of income to fund their travels. For once, I have also met several people who didn’t have to do the daily commute just to get to work – they work at the comfort of their homes. I had this question in mind for years – “how do they do it?” It remained a question to me for years. Many years. Maybe because I wasn’t eager enough to know the answer. I wasn’t eager enough to learn how to do what they do.

I continued doing my thing: Have a “regular job”. Suck it up daily. Get paid. Get stuck in traffic. Repeat.

Things changed when 2020 arrived. I got stuck at home. Suddenly, I have all the time I need to learn something new. I am blessed enough to have a means to live. Many businesses, organizations and even personalities went online. Suddenly, it was a different playing field.

Then it hit me. “I couldn’t take staying at the same place and doing nothing in this changing world.” This is metaphorically speaking, okay? I started doing my thing – different from what I used to do. As a person who is hungry to learn, I started doing research about the possibilities of doing Remote Work. Finally, after many years contemplating and giving myself many excuses, I have decided to step into the world of digital commerce.

I started revisiting my “old skills” that I have and voila! I found the treasure hidden somewhere deep inside me. Some treasure that I haven’t used in a while – telling stories through videos. That moment felt golden. It’s like finding a key that opens the door to the outside world – again, metaphorically speaking.

Projects started to arrive. People started to trust in me and as a Service Provider in my previous day jobs, I wanted to keep that trust. (Dear clients, you know who you are. Thank you for allowing me to be of service to you.) As I type these words, I feel the stoke that we surfers feel when we ride a wave. Even though we can’t go the beach for a surf session these days, I am feeling this stoke of being able to do something that I love at the comfort of my home at my own time, without having to commute and most importantly, without risking my family’s health and safety.

This is going to be a beginning of something new and wonderful and day by day, I am getting more excited for this new venture as I learn new skills so I can be a better service provider. I may not yet be where I wanted to be but I am no longer where I used to be.

A few days ago, I was fortunate enough to be invited by a good friend of mine, Ferina Santos of Millennial Mermaid, on her podcast to share some experiences I had as I transition to doing a full time Work From Home job. It is such an honor to be her first guest! Trust me, she is a genius.