As much as possible, I try to keep this page updated with perspective stories and / or Video Projects that I proudly edited. Well, not all projects are created equal as each one requires different kind of treatment.

Anyway, these past couple of weeks have been quite busy: Had to do several works as I render my last day on my day job as a Marketing guy for a local gallery (hurray for me finally doing full time Remote Work!) Had to work on several projects, both from Upwork and from local clients. Had to keep my mental health and physical health in check by doing several exercises to keep my endorphins up – I must say, Yoga keeps me sane. CrossFit keeps me in shape… I’m not in my best shape as of writing this but you get the point. Had to check on my parents every once in a while. They live about 40 kilometers away from me.

To sum it up, I guess it wasn’t really a “Busy” couple of weeks for me. I would like to call it “Productive” instead. We can get busy but lack on productivity. We can also be Productive while not being too busy to see and experience the goodness in life. See the difference in perspective when we change the label of an experience? A wise person once said, “If we change the way we look at things, the things we are looking at will change.” I guess it would be such an honor to meet that human in person. See how I used the term, ‘wise person’ instead of the most commonly used ‘wise man’? In my lifetime, I have witnessed several wise women in action and I think it would be just fair to be gender-neutral in some of the common terms that we use. Again, change of label. Change of perspective.

Until then.

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